As Above, So Below—a Sky-Brain Coincidence


An electromagnetic parallel exists between our brains and our atmosphere.
Posted Jan 12, 2017
Source: Tomisiti Public Domain

Hermes Trismegistus, thought to be an an ancient Egyptian philosopher, wrote "That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below…” The phrase has been summarized as “As above, so below.”

Here is an example.

The Spectrum of Brain Waves

Brain waves are electromagnetic currents generated by our brains that can be measured by electroencephalography (EEG). These currents range across a spectrum from about 4 Hz to 60 Hz. Hz (Hertz) refers to the number of cycles per second. A cycle in 1 second would be 1 Hertz, 100 cycles in a second is 100 Hertz. 

The image below from the first human EEG recording has 2 lines. The upper line is the EEG.The lower line is a 10 Hz timing signal. In the upper line, the more frequent the waves, the higher the Hertz. 

The first human EEG recording obtained by Hans Berger in 1924. The upper tracing is EEG, and the lower is a 10 Hz timing signal.
Source: Public Domain--Wikipedia


The Spectrum of the Schumann Resonance

The ionosphere begins about 40 miles above the Earth’s surface. It contain ions, which are negatively and positively charged particles created by solar winds. Between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere is an electromagnetic cavity which can hold electromagnetic currents. The lightning that frequently occurs in this cavity, generates electromagnetic currents. These currents bounce between the edge of the ionosphere and the Earth’s surface. The currents range across a spectrum from about 4 Hz to 60 Hz. These waves are called the Schumann resonances

Schumann resonance created by lightning between the ionosphere and Earth's surface
Source: Wikipedia

The human EEG and Schumann resonances occupy a very similar electromagnetic spectrum!

As with many coincidences, the similarity between these two spectra suggests that there is a link between them. We just don’t know what it is…yet.

Meditation and the Fundamental Frequency

Within this similarity between the two wave spectra lies another intriguing coincidence.

Meditation, relaxed states, and creative states—as well as the transition between sleepand wakefulness—are characterized by EEG frequencies around 4-8 Hz. During these states our minds tend to have a tenuous connection to ordinary reality. We are "up in the air.”

The fundamental frequency of the Schumann resonances is 7.83Hz. The fundamental frequency is the lowest frequency of a periodic waveform. The wavelength of this fundamental frequency is equal to the circumference of the Earth.

So, the fundamental frequency of the Schumann resonance falls within the range of the meditative, creative, and relaxed states of the human brain. 

This presents another coincidence that suggests a connection between the the Schumann resonance and our brains. 

What does this brain-sky coincidence mean?

We humans have long used coincidences as signals for possible causal connections. A baby cries because she is hungry or tired or thirsty. The mother comes. This is at first a coincidence. Then the baby realizes that if she cries, the mother comes. A causal link has been found and then used. 

Science has often proceeded through coincidences. Please see my book Connecting with Coincidence to find examples, especially the discovery and production of penicillin.

What do you think is the connection between overlapping of the EEG and Schumann Resonance spectra? What do you think is the relationship between meditative states and the Schumann fundamental frequency? After collecting some of your speculations, I will add my own. 

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Comments (8)

  1. SEC

    and I’ve learned that even though B & C follow A doesn’t mean that A caused either one

    March 08, 2017
    1. EZWAYZ

      That’s why I flunked algebra!

      March 08, 2017
  2. morningafter7

    How interesting. Somehow our consciousness is connected with nature; I’m not sure how it works but if you really pay attention you can feel it. The meditative/relaxed state frees the mind from all the regular distractions and allows this connection to flow more easily. In yoga, which I do, you learn to pay attention to your breathing and your body, and to relax your mind and simply “be”. That’s that state of mind. Sorry I can’t be more “scientifical” than that…it was never my strong suit – yet I still find it very interesting. ;-)

    March 08, 2017
    1. wirelessguru1

      Of course since consciousness is just a time/space reference.

      March 08, 2017
      1. EZWAYZ

        Sonoluminescense and cymatics show how frequency affect creation…this coupled with moving to a higher energy state (as posted in: Something is affecting the entire solar system) could make for interesting times…

        March 09, 2017
        1. wirelessguru1

          Again, space is just a wavelength and time the inverse of frequency.

          March 09, 2017
    2. EZWAYZ

      "Be"ing is a state which many have lost touch with. Yoga is just one of the ways to this state. Such states of awareness often are doorways to heightened sensitivity and even higher realms if you will…but that’s just my take.

      March 08, 2017
      1. morningafter7

        Absolutely – I agree. It’s hard for me to put it into words, but I feel like the world would be a better place if more people would take a little bit of time each day to pay attention to this. It has helped me immensely – to put things into perspective.

        March 09, 2017